Ewa i Walla

designer-ewaEwa i Walla is a Swedish design brand of women’s clothing with innovative details, quality materials and creative design in unique combinations creating something special – an Ewa i Walla garment filled with passion, personality, beauty and attitude. The clothes capture the essence of the customer and are timeless, regardless of the latest trends.

“The creation of my clothes comes out of a feeling from the past the things hidden of what is living inside of me, things decades ago, things I am going to encounter tomorrow or the next day or next or never again My clothes are nothing but a perception.”  Ewa i Walla Stockholm, Sweden

Experience what is possible when the past, present and future are mixed together in a fairy tale-like cocktail- when the traditional life of old Swedish farm culture, Haute couture and romance are intertwined.

Natural quality materials such as cotton, linen., silk, wool and organdy with the signature crushed look, are among other materials to be found in an Ewa i Walla collection. The garments are carefully detailed with laces, flounces embroidery, raw edges, ribbons, buttons and patches making the garment a work of art.

Ewa i Walla Maxalto Pittsburgh

Designs pictured on our web site constitute only a small portion of our Ewa i Walla selections and serve only as a taste to the designers we currently represent. Please stop by to see our full stock of Ewa i Walla designer wear.