Issey Miyake Cauliflower

cauliflower-issey-miyakeWear a work of art with Cauliflower by Issey Miyake.  Miyake is a Japanese artist and has won numerous awards for his fashions and sculptures.  Each design is extraordinarily versatile and durable, but made with beautiful lightweight and elegant fabric. The name Cauliflower refers to the unique texture of the designs.  With a technology developed by Miyake, the signature original pleats are resistant to washing and wear, the fabric’s “memory” holds the pleating.

“Design is not for philosophy—it’s for life” -Issey Miyake

issey miyake  Maxalto Issey Miyake  Maxalto Issey Miyake

Designs pictured on our web site constitute only a small portion of our Issey Miyake selections and serve only as a taste to the designers we currently represent. Please stop by to see our full stock of Issey Miyake designer wear.